What Would You Change in the Region?

A major part of our research for the Fourth Regional Plan is listening to residents of the tri-state region. We've conducted an opinion poll to find out what people are most concerned about. and held in-depth focus groups to look more deeply into what changes residents from around the region want to see. The leading concern that emerged from these conversations was that the region has become so expensive that residents felt they couldn't live where they wanted, stay in communities close to their jobs or provide for their children's future.

We also are talking with experts in many fields, from housing and employment to the environment to transportation and government, to hear what their best ideas are for solving some of our toughest challenges.  

We know that many of you have thought about the changes you would like to see in the region. What's your big idea? Is there a problem for which you have a good solution? Let us know by posting a comment here, tweet at us at @regionalplan with the hashtag #4thplan, or post on our Facebook page. We'll collect some of the most interesting suggestions and post them at rpa.org/fourth-plan.