New York

New york street scene

New York City, home to RPA’s main office, is also the base for our work in the city, Long Island and in the Hudson Valley.

Our work in New York encompasses a broad range of projects aimed at ensuring the vitality, sustainability and growth of the region’s economic core. We also advance ideas and plans aimed at improving economic opportunity.

One of our key recent initiatives has involved research into ways to improve the city’s resilience to severe storms. We have analyzed and advocated for zoning changes to New York City’s East Midtown area in order to attract more economic development, looked at the need to protect affordable housing in East Harlem and sought to expand New Yorkers’ access to the waterfront with projects along the Brooklyn waterfront and around Jamaica Bay. We also have launched a campaign to replace the current Penn Station with a new station that can accommodate the region’s population and serve as a worthy gateway to the city.