New Jersey

As the nation’s most densely populated state, New Jersey is home to more than eight million residents living in urban centers, suburban neighborhoods and communities among our agricultural and open spaces.

At RPA, we advance better community design and land use planning; promote economic development and quality of life; advocate for investments in transit and critical infrastructure; develop timely climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies; and pursue enlightened environmental conservation and regeneration policies. Our mission is to research issues of regional and statewide significance and to implement projects and policy initiatives across political boundaries that will lead to positive change within New Jersey and throughout the region.

Our current projects include including creating a neighborhood plan for East Camden, developing land use and economic profiles for communities along Union County's Route 28 corridor, partnering with the federally backed North Jersey Sustainable Communities Consortium, working to implement regenerative practices in the New Jersey Highlands and providing technical assistance to the City of Newark.

In 2012, RPA created the New Jersey Climate Adaptation Directory, a resource developed to guide policy decisions tied to the impact of climate change. The directory was the state's first shared tool bringing together geographic data, model policies and case studies that climate and planning practitioners could use to help shape climate-adaptation plans. The directory is now housed at the New Jersey Climate Adaptation Alliance at Rutgers University.