Where We Work

RPA operates in the 31-county New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan region, with offices in New York City, Princeton, N.J. and Stamford, Conn. Our goal with all our projects is to recommend the best outcomes for individual communities and the region as a whole.

New York

We work in New York City and the neighboring Hudson Valley to enhance the region’s livability across political boundaries. Our recent work has focused on preserving affordable housing, remaking Penn Station and enhancing the city’s ability to withstand severe storms.

New Jersey

We strive to improve the prosperity and quality of life in this densely populated and diverse state. Our recent initiatives have included work in East Camden, Newark, in Union County and in the Palisades.


RPA strives to make Connecticut more competitive, fair and sustainable by working with political leaders, civic groups and local communities. We have helped craft a sustainability plan for Bridgeport, advanced transit-oriented development around Stamford and promoted transit projects in Greater Hartford.

Long Island

In Long Island, RPA explores ways to capitalize on the area’s vast resources to encourage sustained economic prosperity and quality of life. Current projects include identifying how Long Island can thrive through improvements to its transit network and housing stock.