Transit-Oriented Development

RPA helps residents, governments and institutions understand how to leverage our region’s transit network with land use policies that support housing and employment near our existing and future subways, buses and rail lines.

Our transit-oriented development program includes research, training and direct technical assistance to communities and institutions across the tri-state area. Our recent work has included developing new transit-oriented zoning in Fairfield, Conn.; a rail station area vision plan for Somerville, N.J.; and a design manual for communities in Orange County, N.Y.

RPA has been working toward orienting the region’s development around an enhanced transit network for decades – supporting transit-oriented development throughout the tri-state region long before its economic, environmental and social benefits were widely recognized. Our first regional plan in 1929 recommended that development be linked to a suburban rapid transit system. In the 1960s, RPA encouraged high-density development in the metropolitan core and strategies to integrate transit with the built environment. Our 1995 third regional plan supported channeling growth to 11 regional centers where development would minimize impacts on our environment and transportation infrastructure. Volatile gasoline prices, concerns about climate change and a growing recognition of the need to connect residents and businesses with regional opportunities has made transit access and transit-oriented development an increasing priority across the region.