RPA’s energy program advances an energy infrastructure that is reliable, efficient, affordable, secure and resilient. We undertake research and promote collaboration to move the region toward a more distributed, decentralized and diverse model of energy generation, transmission and storage.

RPA provides ideas and leadership on a range of energy challenges, including expanding generation capacity and fostering distributed generation to meet our region’s growing demand for power; capitalizing on renewable resources to improve our energy independence, reducing our carbon emissions, stabilizing or reducing energy costs for consumers; improving resilience to climate and geopolitical shocks; improving energy efficiency and enhancing reliability; promoting multi-use corridors that support both transportation and energy infrastructure; and leveraging alternative financing models to speed the development of a cleaner energy infrastructure.

Today’s investments will lay the foundation for a power system that will enable our region to remain competitive. These changes won’t happen overnight, but will require sustained effort on behalf of many parties who own, operate, regulate and use the grid. RPA’s work benefits from the input of a diverse committee of experts from industry, government and the civic sector.