Economic Development

RPA's economic development work seeks to enhance our understanding of the region through research and to implement work force and community development projects that improve our long-term prosperity and social equity.

The tri-state region has one of the largest, most dynamic and complex economies in the world. It produces nearly $1.5 trillion in goods and services every year, has some of the largest extremes of wealth and poverty found anywhere, and includes communities as diverse as Newark, Manhattan and Greenwich. Increasingly, this economy is driven by the region's ability to attract, educate and retain a workforce with diverse skills and creative talent.

Our recent work has featured a major study on how to carry out successful large real estate projects in New York City and an evaluation of how the Long Island Railroad can generate stronger economic growth on Long Island. We also have pressed for zoning changes in East Midtown so that New York can generate enough modern office space to accommodate the businesses and employees who want to work here.