What We Do

At RPA, our professional researchers and regional planners seek to improve the prosperity, sustainability and quality of life in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan region through work in transportation, economic development and real estate, environment and open space and more. We also provide leadership on transportation, environmental and economic-development issues in the Northeast and across the U.S.

Community Design

Community architectural plan

We focus on helping towns, cities and regions foster sustainable and equitable development by assisting residents and local leaders plan and design their communities to accommodate changes in population, opportunities for economic growth and access to public transit.

Economic Development

New York City skyline

We seek to enhance our understanding of the region through economic and demographic research, and through regional strategies and community development projects that improve our long-term prosperity and social equity.


Solar panels

We advance an energy infrastructure that is reliable, affordable and resilient. Our work looks at challenges including expanding generation capacity; capitalizing on renewable resources; developing multi-use energy-transportation corridors; and leveraging alternative energy financing models.


Pinwheel Vista by Nathan McLean

We fight to protect the landscapes and water bodies of the metropolitan region. We work to establish and preserve vital open spaces and improve access for residents. We also research and promote strategies to cut greenhouse-gas emissions and reduce our region's vulnerability to climate change and severe weather.



Our housing efforts look at ways to create and preserve affordable and varied housing to accommodate the region’s diverse and growing population. We also analyze the impact of transit and other development projects on home values, economic opportunity and the environment.

National Issues

Map of the United States
We conduct research and provide leadership on a range of transportation, sustainability and economic-development issues in the Northeast and in the U.S. We focus on optimizing the use of high-speed rail, the need for improvements in Northeast Corridor rail service and the growing influence of large regional economies.

Transit-Oriented Development

City with rail lines

We help residents, governments and institutions understand how to leverage our region’s transit network with land use policies that support housing and employment near existing and future subways, buses and rail lines.


Subway cars

We propose and advocate for innovative approaches to transportation that will improve the ability of residents and visitors to travel to and within the region. We analyze travel behavior, study new technologies and press for resources to upgrade our aging highways, bridges, airports, ports and transit networks.