"Unprecedented and Dangerous" Trump Administration Halts NYC's Most Important Climate Resiliency Study

The federal government has abruptly halted a study of New York City's coastal storm surge preparedness — throwing into question the fate of the region's most expansive climate resiliency effort and fueling speculation about politically motivated retribution by the Trump administration.

Robert Freudenberg, the Regional Plan Association's vice president for energy and environment, called the decision to quash the study "unprecedented and dangerous."

"This is the biggest study region-wide looking at measures to protect communities and ecosystems from the impacts of big storms like Sandy," Freudenberg told Gothamist. "The idea that a study of this magnitude being pulled in the dead of night is shocking."

Freudenberg noted the decision fit within a pattern of President Trump's disinvestment in New York — pointing to fights over the Gateway Tunnel, Medicaid spending, and the Trusted Traveler Program seemingly driven by political retribution.

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