Tedx Talk: Cities Are Back. Now We Just Have to Pay for Them

Tom Wright at TEDx London 2013

America is at a turning point. After 50 years in which our political, cultural and economic life seemed firmly rooted in a suburban ideal, growth over the next few decades is expected to occur in our metropolitan regions. Young workers increasingly are choosing to live in urban areas - as are some of their parents, lured by walkable communities and access to public transportation and services.

Yet the resurgence of urban living isn't being met by a reinvestment in our long-neglected infrastructure. To accommodate the desire that many people have to move into cities, we’re going to need to invest in some basic systems, from housing and transportation to education, and health care, energy and water. And that investment will cost money. This needs to be done at a time when our public agencies and authorities are struggling under debt loads. So we need to find new ways to finance these investments.

Fortunately, there are some ways to do this. Watch RPA Executive Director Tom Wright's TedxLondon talk on our changing cities and innovative financing for urban investment.