Open the rooftops, NYC: If coronavirus is keeping New Yorkers off the streets, we need to be able to use our roofs

Now that Gov. Cuomo has announced that, starting Sunday night, people will need to stay at home as much as possible, I’ve never been more grateful for the one thing about it that might be considered an “amenity,” the 80 square foot concrete slab outside my living room: my balcony.

In the New York metro region, only 21% of people living in multifamily buildings (five units or more) have access to a “porch, deck, balcony or patio” from their apartment, according to the latest American Housing Survey. The discrepancy is even more stark as you go down the income scale, declining to just 15% for people under two times the poverty line. Almost none of the more than 400,000 public housing residents in New York City, for example, have any kind of access to outdoor space from their apartments.

But in the near term, we do have something we could do: open the roofs.

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