Five Ways to Build a One-Seat Ride to JFK

This week New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposed a major overhaul of John F. Kennedy International Airport, including the creation of a one-seat ride to JFK from Manhattan. The one-seat ride, common in major metropolitan areas around the world, long has eluded New York-area airports. Here, passengers face an unhappy choice between schlepping luggage through multiple transit transfers or braving clogged roadways to and from the airports.

There are numerous ways to create a one-seat ride to JFK. None are easy, and some options would cost a great deal or disrupt other transit service. To help policy makers and passengers understand what's at stake, RPA has identified five one-seat ride options and described the pros and cons of each. This work is tied to our research on A Region Transformed, a comprehensive plan for the metropolitan region that RPA will publish later this year. Read the report, and view the graphic.


One Seat Ride Options to JFK