A Deal for New Hudson River Tunnels

Over the past few months, RPA has partnered with local and national leaders, civic and business organizations, commuters and residents to sound the alarm over the urgent need to build new rail tunnels across the Hudson River. And this week, those calls have been met with action.

Governor Cuomo and Governor Christie joined Senators Booker and Schumer in announcing the creation of the Gateway Development Corporation, a new subsidiary of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey that will oversee the construction of a new trans-Hudson tunnels.

Federal and state leaders also agreed that the federal government and Amtrak will cover 50% of the estimated $20 billion cost of the project, with the other half to be split between New York and New Jersey.

RPA applauds the urgency with which this agreement was established. As RPA’s short video Tunnel Trouble makes clear, the current state of the tunnels poses a great threat to the well-being of both our region and the entire Northeast and must be addressed before a serious catastrophe occurs.