A key challenge for the protection of habitat and other natural resources is elevating these concerns into the broader policy framework of land use decision making. This is especially true for lands and waters in and around the nation's ten megaregions: conglomerations of metropolitan areas that will see most of the nation's population and economic growth in the 21st century. An important means of meeting this challenge is through conservation efforts that functionally connect ecosystems and other landscape processes across jurisdictions. Ranging in scope, purpose, and stature, landscape conservation initiatives are proving to be the right scale for addressing complex conservation needs identified in State Wildlife Action Plans (SWAPS) and other public policies. Under this three-year project, Regional Plan Association will help landscape conservation initiatives implement SWAPS and meet other conservation and resource management goals. 

We will accomplish this by inventorying landscape conservation initiatives; assessing how these diverse efforts relate to habitat protection, other natural resource goals, and infrastructure and land use plans; building a network of landscape conservation leaders; and helping launch and implement local landscape projects. While this project will focus on the 13-state Northeastern United States, we will use our America 2050 network and other forums to export our methodology, launch similar efforts in other megaregions around the country, and help inform federal land use and infrastructure policy.

Project Timeline

2012 2013
  Feb Apr Jun Sept Jan
Task 1. Advisory Committee          
Task 2. Network of Landscape Initiatives          
Task 3. Landscape Conservation Context          
Task 4. Landscape Conference/Summit          
Task 5. Local Conservation Partnerships          
Task 6. Dissemination and Education          


Advisory Committee

Nancy Ailes
Executive Director, Cacapon and Lost Rivers Land Trust
High View, WV

William Allen
Director of Strategic Conservation, The Conservation Fund
Chapel Hill, NC

Ole Amundsen
Strategic Conservation Program Manager, The Conservation Fund
Ithaca, NY

Carol Ash
Alliance for New York State Parks
Albany, NY

Bruce Babbitt
President, Raintree Ventures
Washington, DC

Martina Barnes
Regional Planner, United States Forest Service, Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry

Brenda Barrett
Director, Bureau of Recreation and Conservation, Rachel Carson State Office
Harrisburg, PA

Robert Bendick
Director of U.S. Government Relations, The Nature Conservancy
Arlington, VA

Karen Bennett
NHESP Manger, Delaware DNREC
Dover, DE

Alexander Brash
NE Regional Director, National Parks Conservation Association
New York, NY

Paul Bray
Associate Counsel, New York State DEC
Long Island City, NY

Armando Carbonell
Chair, Department of Plan and Urban Form Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Cambridge, MA

Kevin Case
NE Program Director, Land Trust Alliance
Saratoga Springs, NY

Michael Catania
President, Conservation Resources, Inc.
Chester, NJ

Alice Chamberlin
Executive Director, Two Countries One Forest
Warner, NH

Ernest Cook
Senior Vice President, Trust for Public Land
Boston , MA

Jad Dadley
Trust for Public Land
San Francisco, CA

Lee Epstein
Director, Lands Program Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Annapolis, MD

Andrew Fahlund
VP for Conservation Programs, American Rivers
Washington, DC

Alexander Felson
Yale University, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies + School of Architecture
New Haven, CT

Paul Galley
President, Maine Coast Heritage Trust
Topsham, ME

Richard Hall
Secretary of Planning, Department of Planning
Baltimore, MD

Rose Harvey
Commissioner, NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historical Preservation
Albany, NY

Wink Hastings

Planner, Chesapeake Bay Program

Annapolis, MD

Brian Houseal
Executive Director, The Adirondack Council
Elizabethtown, NY

Peter Howell
Executive Vice President, Open Space Institute
New York, NY

Mark Humpert
Teaming with Wildlife Director, Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies
Washington, DC

T. Destry Jarvis
President, Outdoor Recreation and Park Services, LLP
Hamilton, VA

Bill Jenkins
Director, OEIA (3EA10), EPA Region 3
Philadelphia, PA

Shawn Johnson
University of Montana CNREP
Helena, MT

Bill Labich
Regional Conservationist Highstead
Redding, CT

James Levitt
Director, Program on Conservation Innovation at the Harvard Forest
Petersham, MA

Kathryn Maloney
NE Area Director, USDA Forest Service NE Area S&PF
Newtown Square, PA

Mary McBryde
Senior Project Manager LTC Conservation Advisory Services
Hanover, NH

Matt McKinney
Director, University of Montana CNREP
Helena, MT

Christopher Miller
President, Piedmont Environmental Council
Warrenton, VA

Nora Mitchel
Director, Conservation Study Institute/Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP
Woodstock, VT

Carleton Montgomery
Executive Director, Pinelands Preservation Alliance 
Southampton, NJ

Marvin Moriarty
NE Regional Director, US Fish and Wildlife Service
Hadley, MA

Matt Nicholson
Environmental Information and Analysis Branch US EPA Region 3
Philadelphia, PA

Larry Orman
Executive Director, GreenInfo Network
San Francisco, CA

Peter Pollock
Ronald Smith Fellow Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Boulder, CO

Luther Propst
Executive Director, Sonoran Institute
Tucson, AZ

Dave Publicover
Senior Staff Scientist, Appalachian Mountain Club
Boston, MA

Dennis Reidenbach
NE Regional Director, US National Park Service
Philadelphia, PA

Lynn Scarlett

Mike Slattery
Director, Eastern Partnership Office National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Washington, DC

Patrick Starr
VP, Southeast PA Region Pennsylvania Environmental Council
Philadelphia, PA

Dave Startzell
Appalachian Trail

Peter Stein
Managing Director, Lyme Timber Land Company
Hanover, NH

Fritz Steiner
Dean, University of Texas School of Architecture
Austin, TX

Advisory Committee

Petra Todorovich
Director of America 2050, Regional Plan Association
New York, NY

Scott Williamson
NE Field Representative, Wildlife Management Institute
Gardners, PA

Robert Yaro
President, Regional Plan Association
New York, NY

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