Yearlong event series explores the future of New York City’s transportation infrastructure

Two years after Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency for New York’s subway system, the future of transportation remains one of the city’s most critical, ongoing conversations. It’s also one of the more fraught topics, impacting more than 20 million residents on a daily basis. To deepen public understanding of the current state of things, as well as what the future might bring, Open House New York is launching a yearlong event series to both inform and “ignite the city’s imagination.” The Moving City will begin later this month and continue through next Spring, featuring a wide range of tours, presentations, and panel discussions that will bring much-needed context to this pressing issue.

The series kicks off on July 9 with a presentation by Tom Wright, CEO of Regional Plan Association, on Trans-Regional Express (T-REX), a proposal to combine the Tri-State region’s rail systems into a unified commuter rail network.

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