Worse Gridlock, More Inequality? 3 Ways Self-Driving Cars Could Change Cities

Take the Regional Plan Association, a nearly 100-year-old group that leads planning initiatives for the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut area (think airports, bridges, highways, and more). In its entire existence, the association has released its “regional plan,” a huge roadmap for how the area will develop in the coming decades, just three times: in the 1920s, the ’60s, and the ’90s. For the past few years, the group has been hard at work on a much-anticipated fourth plan that will address everything from the housing shortage to sea level rise. The plan is due out in November. But last week, the group decided to publish a special report on autonomous vehicles early, citing a need for cites to “start preparing now.” By 2045 up to 90% of cars could be autonomous, they explain, and cities should be planning for the changes they’ll bring–both positive and negative–now.

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