The Triboro line: A real possibility, or pie-in-the-sky? Experts weigh in.

The MTA announced earlier this month that it would study a plan to build part of the Triboro RX, a 24-mile rail line that would carry passengers from the Brooklyn Army Terminal to Co-Op City in the Bronx along existing, above-ground freight lines. The Triboro would make 22 stops and link up 17 subways and four commuter lines, offering many more options to move between the boroughs without traveling through Manhattan.

“Our housing affordability crisis has been pushing people farther and farther from their jobs, taxing our transit system, taxing people’s health and their livelihoods, and making them late to get kids at daycare, for health appointments, meetings, all kinds of things,” said Kate Slevin, senior vice president of state programs and advocacy at the RPA.

Could the Triboro be the answer? Slevin and other RPA reps hosted a panel of transit experts and lawmakers at Brooklyn Historical Society Monday to discuss the ambitious proposal.

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