Subway “Summer of Hell” Really Started Years Ago, Data Shows

“I do believe the system has gotten worse this year,” says Rich Barone, vice president of the Regional Plan Association. “I wouldn’t disagree with that.”...

“This problem is years in the making,” says Barone, who thinks the MTA’s backlog finally caught up to them. “It might have reached a climax, a high point — or a low point — a couple months ago, but the reality is, this is years of backlog, years of underinvestment, increased ridership, [and] pressures on the system.” As in, the same answers we’ve been hearing for years.

A quest to find a reason for the timing will prove futile, Barone cautioned: “I don’t think you can point to one single thing or action that made it sort of crumble.” As it turns out, the warning bells were right. But by the time anybody noticed, it was too late.

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