Study Highlights Challenges, Potential for Sunnyside Yard Development

The Regional Plan Association's Chris Jones said the study shows a "financially feasible" pathway to developing Sunnyside Yard, "but there's obviously a lot of really big hurdles that you'd have to get over for any of them." He said the rail yard has held the ambitions of planners since at least 1929, when a plan was conceived for a giant skyscraper on the site. A rendering of the fleeting goal hangs in his office.

"There's no other location like it left in the city that has that much acreage, that's that close to the Manhattan central business district and that has a number of train lines connected to it," he said in an interview. "In that sense there's nothing else that has the same potential as Sunnyside Yards. But there are few places that have as many of the challenges either, or else it would've been done already."

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