Should the City’s Housing Plan Make NYCHA its Centerpiece?

That the city’s public housing authority, NYCHA, desperately needs $31.8 billion immediately is old news. How the housing authority is going to find that money to make conditions for its 400,000-plus residents livable and how it might spend $30 billion effectively remains an open question. 

A new report outlines an ambitious set of strategies to bring the housing authority’s portfolio of buildings to a state of good repair. It’s primary suggestion is to make NYCHA the centerpiece of the city’s affordable housing plan, directing planning and financing resources from the department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and the semi-public Housing Development Corporation (HDC) towards NYCHA. 

“HPD and HDC are the most talented agencies in the entire country when it comes to taking disparate housing streams for housing and construction projects from all different levels of government with all different restrictions on them and cobbling them together,” says Moses Gates, who wrote the report and is vice president for housing and neighborhood planning at the Regional Plan Association. 

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