RPA, Town of Kearny and NJ Transit Plan for Future Transit Service in NJ

Kearny TOD Vision Plan

The Kearny TOD Vision Plan, the result of an interactive, community-based planning process in the town of Kearny (NJ), presents a transit-oriented vision for an area of the town poised to receive NJ TRANSIT commuter rail service in the near future.

The benefit of a new passenger rail station near Bergen Avenue in Kearny - along the Harrison-Kingsland Branch Line - will be realized once the ARC Tunnel Project is completed and NJ TRANSIT has sufficient capacity to accommodate more rail service into and out of Midtown Manhattan. RPA worked with the town to organize a day-long community design workshop, at which residents were invited to come together to discuss and draw their ideas for the future of their community. The results of that process are detailed in the TOD Vision Plan, which presents land use, open space, and transportation recommendations for the area surrounding the future train station.

Download Vision Plan (PDF 5.2MB)