RPA Statement on Mayor De Blasio’s Subway Proposals

New York is experiencing a crisis in our subways. Delays, unreliable service and unsafe station conditions are affecting the economy, environment, and health of our region’s residents, and they absolutely must be addressed. The solution will require everyone involved – political and civic leaders, riders, businesses, and the men and women who work at the MTA – to come to the table, pitch in and help out.

RPA applauds Mayor de Blasio for supporting social fares for those who need them. They are part of expanding economic opportunity and mobility. The Mayor could pay for fair fares through the city general fund, however, and not wait through the long, laborious process of securing state legislative approval.

The MTA also needs more dedicated revenue, which is why RPA has long supported congestion pricing and other proposals to bring new resources to crumbling transit system. However, new revenues should come from those who benefit from our transportation network, and they should include a package of reforms at the MTA so the public’s money goes farther and riders see improvements quicker. RPA does not oppose an increase in income taxes, but we also don’t think they are the most appropriate way to fund our transportation network.

Mayor de Blasio’s statement is a step in the right direction. RPA urges Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo to work together to fix the very real transit crisis at hand and advance longer term funding proposals and reforms.