RPA Response to Governor Murphy’s Call to Build New AirTrain System at Newark Airport

“Governor Murphy’s support for a new AirTrain system is an important step forward for Newark Liberty International Airport’s expansion and modernization. With construction of the new $2.7 billion Terminal One under way, building a new AirTrain and making Newark Airport accessible to the South Ward is vital for the thousands of riders who move through the airport. The new AirTrain must be designed not just with today’s airport in mind, but to also be compatible with future airport expansion such as the one recommended by RPA in June 2018.

To support these key transportation improvements, as outlined in RPA’s Fourth Regional Plan, the Port Authority’s capital program will need additional funding, so that other critical investments, such as the PATH extension to the airport and the Port Authority Bus Terminal, aren’t cut. Right now, automobiles dropping off or picking up passengers aren’t charged a fee, while transit passengers pay $5 each way to access the airport. Charging cars to drop off or pick up passengers at our region’s airports would address this inequity and pay for better transit links to our airports. We urge the Port Authority to explore these funding mechanisms,” said Tom Wright, President, Regional Plan Association.