RPA Releases New Resource on Global Transit Networks

A new interactive resource developed by RPA shares data about metropolitan transit systems around the world. The just-launched Transit Leadership Summit website compiles essential facts and figures about transit networks in 17 global cities, allowing users to quickly find and compare numbers on ridership, transit modes, fares, operating costs and more. Want to know which transit system has more riders per capita? Which has the highest fares? You can find that information on the site: transitleadership.org.

The site was developed by Regional Plan Association as part of the Transit Leadership Summit, an ongoing consortium of transit system leaders who gather each year for multiday conference to discuss solutions to shared challenges. At the summits, transit-system executives are able to engage in a candid dialogue about how to improve the transportation experience.

The site also makes public white papers commissioned for the summits focused on pressing issues that transit executives are dealing with around the world. They include analysis of fare policy strategies; the use of value capture to finance transit; a look at best practices around the world for improving the customer experience; and other topics.

To learn more, visit transitleadership.org or download the full report to find information about the Transit Leadership Summits.