RPA Releases Draft Study on Maritime Uses

Port Image
A preliminary study released by the Regional Plan Association issues recommendations for how to revive water-dependent maritime uses and highlights their importance to the Region's economy and quality of life. The 47-page draft report for discussion, Making Waterfronts Work, lays out four major areas where steps can be taken to support maritime uses. These include preparing a regional inventory of such maritime uses; assessing maritime economic impacts and contributions; convening a regional forum of key decision-makers; and developing a toolbox of financial incentives and land use protections for local and state governments to employ to ensure the viability of this sector. Summarizing current research and synthesizing interviews with nearly 50 stakeholders, the report also found that port facilities throughout the region have declined significantly over the past six decades. The report was conducted in partnership with University of Rhode Island's Coastal Institute IGERT Project.

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