Regional Plan Association Statement on Amazon City Council Hearing

Tom Wright, President of Regional Plan Association said:

“Amazon’s new headquarters in Long Island City will boost New York’s growing technology sector and generate jobs and economic activity that will benefit residents and businesses throughout the metropolitan region. It’s also an important opportunity to plan for the future and think strategically about our transportation, housing, and infrastructure needs for decades to come. With the right planning and investments, Long Island City has the potential to become a vital mixed-use hub of the region’s economy with modern infrastructure; jobs that provide opportunities to neighborhood residents as well as commuters; housing that is truly diverse and affordable; and a stunning waterfront location that is resilient against climate change. The billions of new tax revenue that Amazon will generate should enable us to do just that, but preparing for an influx of up to 40,000 workers will require critical infrastructure investments. Amazon needs to be a key partner in delivering those improvements. We have an opportunity to plan for the future in a smart way that will make this project a victory for all New Yorkers.”