A Rail Network for the 21st Century


Amtrak's proposal to modernize the Northeast rail corridor and bring world-class high-speed trains to the Northeast would have a transformative effect on the region's economy, RPA President Bob Yaro writes in Crain's. It would deliver workers to jobs more quickly, expand the potential skilled work force for New York and other cities, attract businesses to transit hubs, encourage business and leisure travel and remove cars from clogged highways
Conventional and high-speed rail have a unique ability significantly increase transportation capacity without straining our natural resources. That's why our peers around the globe are aggressively expanding their rail systems and attracting businesses that take advantage of enhanced infrastructure. If we don't do the same, Yaro writes, the regional economy will stagnate as productive hours are lost to transportation delays and commerce gravitates toward places where doing business is easier. Read the complete op-ed here.