Queens councilman calls for MTA to study the proposed Triboro rail line that would connect borough with Brooklyn and the Bronx

Councilman Costa Constantinides sent a letter to the MTA’s Chairman and CEO Patrick J. Foye and President Andy Byford in support of a MTA-commissioned feasibility study for the proposed Triboro rail line.

The Triboro line was introduced by the Regional Plan Association’s (RPA) almost 25 years ago as an above-ground rail route that stretches 24 miles along existing rail lines from Co-op City in the Bronx through Queens to Brooklyn.

The plan regained attention on June 2019 when Assemblywoman Latrice Walker introduced a bill to have the MTA conduct a feasibility study of the Triboro rail line. Now, Constantinides, who is running for Queens Borough President, is weighing in.

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