Predictions! Experts Look Ahead to 2020 in New York Politics

As we usually do around this time of year, Gotham Gazette asked New York politicos to look into their crystal balls for predictions for the year ahead. Below you'll find insights from elected officials, advocates, analysts, and others who are tuned in to New York politics.

Moses Gates, Regional Plan Association
-For the first time in over a century, Rikers Island will officially house something other than a correctional facility or landfill - likely a park, memorial and/or solar field.
-The lack of affordable housing will become as much of a political issue in Nassau and Westchester counties as it is in New York City.
-Building on the success at Rockefeller Center, the City looks at pedestrianizing everywhere south of 59th street between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.
-The city moves the Wall Street Bull back to its original home in front of the New York Stock Exchange which finally takes down the fence and opens to the public with a new museum, catalyzing a new tourism boom in Lower Manhattan.

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