Overpriced and Underforming: Gateway Rail Tunnels' Arc Is Starting to Look Like ARC

It's still rising. At a Monday legislative hearing on the Gateway project, the price tag was almost $30 billion. The Jersey guys, both Republicans and Democratic, are getting fed up.

Leading the charge was state Senate minority leader Tom Kean Jr. What set him off was a presentation by a representative of the Regional Plan Association who talked about how  150,000 new jobs would be created in Brooklyn and Queens.

If new jobs are going to be created in places adjacent to Manhattan, then let's create them on this side of the Hudson, Kean said.

"My point is that if we out-compete New York, at least a portion of those jobs and that tax revenue would actually come to the state of New Jersey," he told me after the meeting. "It should be clear to everybody that New York is beating us in this competition."


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