NYC’s Subway Commute to Get Worse Until At Least 2045 (Unless Cuomo Does Something About It)

Kate Slevin, the vice president of state programs and advocacy at Regional Plan Association, sees the crisis of the city’s subway system in the larger context of the interconnected systems like NJ Transit and Amtrak, both of which share a dilapidated Penn Station with the MTA. “It points to how undervalued our infrastructure is from a broader perspective, and commuters in New York City are now feeling that daily as they see increasing delays and service changes,” Slevin told the Voice. She remains hopeful that Cuomo will come through with the funding adequate to make the drastic improvements the system needs. “The governor is interested in infrastructure. He’s brought some new energy to some projects like the Tappan Zee Bridge, cashless tolling, redoing the airports. There’s a lot of potential there for him to show interest in improving the existing subway network.”

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