NY congestion fees should be expensive, planning organization says

New York City’s approaching congestion fees should be set high enough to discourage driving in the central business district, suggests a new report from the Regional Plan Association. 

The six-member Traffic Mobility Review Board that will create the pricing plan has not been appointed.

The fees, approved by state legislators and set to be enforced in 2021, will be expected to raise $1 billion annually to improve public transit systems in the region.

However, the report argues, “Relieving congestion, the original rationale for congestion pricing, is as important as raising revenue for transit and should be a primary goal of program design. Prices should be highest when congestion is greatest. Larger vehicles have a larger impact and should be charged more.”

Furthermore, RPA stated, congestion pricing “is designed explicitly to reduce traffic by discouraging driving in and during the most congested part and time of the region.”

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