NJ Transit Derailment Continues to Snarl Commutes

On top of that, train movements inside Penn Station have to be choreographed like a ballet using technology several decades older than the kinds of systems used by peer global cities, according to Tom Wright, president of the Regional Plan Association, a policy and advocacy group.

The minor derailments, delays and the nagging problems inside Penn Station and on NJ Transit aren’t a series of isolated incidents, said Mr. Wright, who commutes from Princeton, N.J. to Manhattan on NJ Transit. Monday night, after the derailment, he decided to stay overnight at his sister’s New York apartment and skip the commute home.

Riders see on a daily basis “a little drip, drip, drip,” of worsening commutes, longer delays and overcrowding, said Mr. Wright.

“These incidents are connected and they go to a kind of chronic underfunding and lack of direction and professionalism at NJ Transit,” said Mr. Wright.

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