Newark, NJ

Planning Workshop Convened to Develop Mayor Booker's 100 Day Vision for Newark.

Working in close conjunction with newly elected Mayor Booker's 100 Day initiative, RPA convened a three-day planning workshop to craft a vision for the City. The event brought together public sector, private sector, and civic stakeholders from across the city who have been working on planning and community development challenges to synthesize their efforts into a consensus vision for the Mayor moving forward. The result of this workshop was a Draft Vision for the City of Newark that plans for rapid growth and improved quality of life for all city residents. RPA partnered with civic leaders to convene a series of community stakeholder meetings to discuss the Draft Vision Plan. The report and input from these public meetings provided the foundation for ongoing revised Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance process. The vision positions New Jersey's largest to city to be the most equitable, accessible, green, smart, and prosperous metropolis that it can be.

Download Full Report (PDF 5.4MB)