New York Needs A Plan To Prevent The Same Crisis That’s Affecting The Bay Area

From 1990 to 2015, the New York region welcomed 1.8 million new jobs and 3 million new people: 18% and 15% growth, respectively. But between now and 2040, if New York continues to develop in the same way it’s done for the last 20 years–adding affordable housing stock at the same glacial rate, for instance–jobs will only grow by 7%, and population by 8%. This is in stark contrast to the region’s potential: 16% job growth (1.9 million new positions) and 16% population (3.7 million people).

These projections come from Regional Plan Association, the planning and research nonprofit for the New York metropolitan area, which released its Fourth Regional Plan for the New York metropolitan area on November 30. Since its founding in 1922, RPA has released, every 20 to 30 years, four wide-ranging plans that have had a significant impact on the region: The previous plan, released in 1996, called for the development of a new business district on the Far West Side of Manhattan, which evolved into Hudson Yards (now home to Sidewalk Labs, among myriad other businesses), and the 2nd Avenue Subway, which opened in January.

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