New Regional Plan Asks: Should We Shut Down the Subway at Night?

If the trains stopped running around midnight, and didn’t start again until 5 or so, with overnight riders carried instead on buses traveling swiftly on streets largely empty of traffic, could New York City fix some of the maintenance problems that have combined to create a transit crisis?

The Regional Plan Association thinks it could. So the idea of a 24/3 subway system—one that runs around the clock only on weekends, when overnight ridership is highest—is one of dozens of recommendations in the organization’s Fourth Regional Plan, which is being released Thursday, 21 years after the last plan and nearly nine decades since RPA’s first blueprint for the region.

At just shy of 400 pages, the Fourth Regional Plan is not going to sit on most New Yorkers’ bedside tables. But RPA’s previous plans have shaped life in the city and its region in significant ways—mapping out the transportation network, pressing for federal funding of mass transit, and, in the 1996 vintage, calling for the Second Avenue Subway and the new development on Manhattan’s west side.

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