A New L Train for New Yorkers

The MTA is considering shutting down the L train tunnels under the East River for more than a year to repair the severe damage caused by Superstorm Sandy. That’s grim news for the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who rely on the L and will have few easy alternatives to get to where they’re going every day. Many of them will face longer and more arduous commutes. It likely will come as little comfort that after the much-needed repairs, the tunnels will be safer but will otherwise look and feel the same as today. The MTA has done an excellent job so far keeping the system going and repairing tunnels that were inundated with salt water during Sandy. But what if the MTA took advantage of the major disruption to transform the L into a subway line that will meet the needs of our growing population and workforce?

Read the full brief outlining RPA's recommendation for a comprehensive investment for the L train in A New L Train for New Yorkers (pdf).