A New Housing Resource for the Region, Right in the Parking Lot

Joni Mitchell wasn’t happy that progress meant paving paradise and putting up a parking lot. Now the parking lot might be on its way out if the New York City region is going to fulfill its potential to provide affordable housing.

report by the Regional Plan Association estimates that homes for 662,000 people could be created if the parking lots at dozens of commuter-rail stations were transformed into walkable neighborhoods offering housing and retail. But it will take changes in local zoning laws, as well as evolution in how cars are used, to make that potential into reality.

RPA looked at all 349 regional commuter rail stations outside of New York City along the Metro-North Railroad, Long Island Railroad and NJ Transit lines. Many of those stations are but an hour’s ride from Midtown. Those farther away from Manhattan are usually closer to a regional economic hub.

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