A New Forum for Transit Leaders

This year, Regional Plan Association launched an unprecedented forum for leaders of the world's top transit agencies. The Transit Leadership Summit brings together public-transportation chief executives to share challenges and learn how their counterparts around the world have tackled similar problems.

The first leadership summit, held in April outside New York City, convened transit chiefs from a dozen cities including New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, São Paulo, Hong Kong and seven other world cities. RPA is now preparing to host second summit, which will be held next March in Singapore. A third meeting will take place in Europe in 2014. You can learn more about the summit at our new Transit Leadership website: www.rpa.org/transit-leadership.

Summits are organized around the presentation of case studies of issues confronted by the individual agencies. Among the topics addressed are fare policy, technological innovation, planning and expansion, marketing and customer service and labor issues. After a description of the challenge by the agency's chief executive, summit participants engage in a group discussion, sharing advice and experience from their home cities. The summits are aimed at generating international dialogue about transit planning at the very highest level of executive management. By providing a space for private discussions in a small-group setting, the summits promote an exchange of ideas that leads to meaningful innovation at the world's top transit-planning agencies. View the 2012 New York Summit Summary.

Please visit www.rpa.org/transit-leadership to learn more. Summit participation is by invitation only.