Nervous Their Airline Hubs Will Fly Away, Cities Race to Flood-Proof Their Airports

Barone, from the Regional Plan Association, sees learning to live with flood water as a smart response, but cautions that there are risks. “To a certain extent, our airports are going to have to adapt,” he says. “Allowing them to flood during large events might be a good approach, but if frequent storms impact service several times a month, that would be problematic over time.” He foresees airlines demanding that airports tackle the flood issue, and even choosing hubs based on which ones have done so. “National air space and global air space are really one connected system. If a major hub like New York has weekly delays because of flooding, it’s conceivable that carriers would reroute air traffic or scale back their presence, and that would have profound effects for the region.” “In the long term,” he says, “there will be a need to look at whether we can build them up, to raise portions to protect them from regular flooding.” Read the full article at Next City.