MTA Unveils Final Report on Environmental Sustainability

cover_MTA_Sustainability.png The Metropolitan Transportation Authority's blue-ribbon Commission on Sustainability unveiled its final set of recommendations today on ways the New York region, the MTA and the transit industry can become more environmentally sustainable. The report includes recommendations for policymakers and legislators in urban and suburban regions across the country, and those in the Federal government, interested in stimulating and greening the economy.

Robert D. Yaro, President of Regional Plan Association and a member of the Blue Ribbon Commission, wrote an introductory section of the report on the urgency of "greening" the MTA. Bob writes: "This report argues, in no uncertain terms, that the MTA transit system must reach and absorb two-thirds of the New York metropolitan area's projected growth of 4 million people between now and 2030 if we are to achieve sustainability, create more livable communities, and maintain our global economic dominance."

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