MTA Bridge and Tunnel Toll Booths to be Automated by 2018, Gov. Cuomo Says

Jeff Zupan, of the Regional Plan Association, praised the projects. He and the association have been advocating for automated tolling since 1996, in the RPA’s Third Regional Plan. Zupan said the new tolling tech will cut down on driving times and pollution from gas emissions. “Finally, the time has come for automated tolling and we’re very pleased,” Zupan said. “Back then we predicted, somewhat hopefully, that the automation would be in place by 2012. With the way government moves, I consider that to be very accurate.” With the elimination of cash collections, Zupan believes that automated tolling could present the opportunity for the MTA to introduce a variable toll structure that could charge drivers different prices for peak and off-peak travel. The model has been implemented successfully elsewhere around the region as a means to cut down on congestion by incentivizing drivers to travel during off-peak hours, according to Zupan. “It has a positive effect in smoothing out the peak travel time,” Zupan said. “It’s worked very effectively, particularly for trucks crossing trans-Hudson New York Thruway facilities, which charges much more for trucks during peak times…We’ve seen more trucks crossing in the middle of the night.”

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