Missing Links: A Plan for Bus Expansion in Connecticut

Transit for Connecticut, a 30-member transportation advocacy coalition, has released a new report by RPA outlining steps to expand bus service. Missing Links- Prioritized Bus Service Expansion Plan proposes thirteen new routes where transit service could best replace vehicle travel. The study analyzed trip data from the Connecticut Department of Transportation that shows that adding these routes could replace up to 64,000 car trips. Karen Burnaska, Coordinator for Transit for Connecticut, believes that the new routes are "part of the solution for highway gridlock and pollution, and a way to not only improve our overall quality of life, but also make the state's transit network viable for the long term."

Download the Report (PDF 1.6MB)

Appendix Documents

Cost Estimates
Trips Served by New Service Summary
Trips Served by New Service Detail
Trips to Manhattan
Top Unserved Travel Links
Top Travel Links CT DOT Data