MetroCard’s Successor Could Transform New York City Transit

“Options like free transfers [and] unlimited fares were made possible by the MetroCard. That was huge,” said Rich Barone, vice president for transportation at the Regional Plan Association. “It’s going to be the technology, but really the fare policy that comes with the new technology, that could totally transform transit in New York City.”

The association has drafted a six-point policy brief on what the new fare payment model could offer. Off-peak and on-peak fares could theoretically be applied to subway and bus rides. There could be family fare packages. Reduced fares could be used to incentivize bus ridership; there could be subsidies for lower-income customers. Next gen turnstiles could accomodate wheelchairs.

“Bus ridership is dropping. This could be a way to get more people on buses,” Barone said. “And there is a capacity crunch on our subways. Policy could be put in place reduce this congestion by getting people to choose the best transit option for them.”

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