The Mayor Doesn’t Agree With His Own ‘Expert’ Panel To Nix Two Lanes On BQE

The 16-person panel that Hizzoner tapped last April to come up with an alternative for repairing the 1.5-mile, triple cantilevered stretch under Brooklyn Heights said in its report that the city must nix two of the expressway’s six lanes of traffic in order to reduce the number of gas-guzzling vehicles that rumble across it every.

The panel’s proposal most closely aligns with ones previously put forward from the powerful Brooklyn Heights Association, and another local group, A Better Way, which tapped the Regional Plan Association — both similarly called for nixing two-lanes of traffic on the highway in an effort to help break the city’s car culture; and another plan from the world-renowned architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group, which called for a six-lane roadway that would allow for the same amount of traffic, decked over with a linear park.

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