Map Release: Connecticut's Commutersheds

A collection of maps produced by RPA illustrates the variation in commuting patterns across Connecticut. The maps show the home locations of commuters to Connecticut's largest employment centers. In the case of Hartford, Connecticut's largest center of employment, workers come from all directions, with the heaviest concentration of workers living west and south of Hartford. In contrast, Greenwich's workforce lives primarily within the towns of Greenwich and Stamford along the heavily populated I-95 corridor.

The "commutershed" of a region describes the residential area from which employers draw their workforce. We defined Employment Centers as tracts or groups of tracts with greater than 10 jobs per acre and having at least 5,000 jobs in the aggregate. Jobs located in tracts within an employment center town that have fewer than 10 jobs per acre are excluded from the center total. These maps were prepared while developing a soon-to-be-released travel model that estimates vehicular work travel based on land use characteristics of employment sites throughout Connecticut. The research was supported by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. Download the maps: Employment Centers with 5,000-10,000 Jobs (735K JPG) Employment Centers with over 10,000 Jobs (1.3MB JPG)