Long Island 2035 Report Outlines Alternative Futures for America's First Postwar Suburb


In December, the Long Island 2035 Regional Visioning Initiative released a report describing the trade-offs of alternative growth strategies for Nassau and Suffolk counties. Long before most of America, Long Islanders were confronting the challenges of growth in a maturing suburban region. The initiative represents an initial step in bridging numerous municipal, county and community efforts to meet these challenges with an Island-wide effort being undertaken by the Long Island Regional Planning Council (LIRPC) to produce a Long Island 2035 Comprehensive Regional Sustainability Plan.

Funded by the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC), a study team led by Regional Plan Association produced a baseline scenario and three alternatives for how the Island might develop over the next 25 years. Along with other study team members--the University Transportation Research Center, Vision Long Island and Sustainable Long Island--RPA worked with Executive, Municipal and Stakeholder Committees led by the LIRPC to move toward a greater public consensus for where the next generation of Long Islanders could live and work, the transportation systems needed to support these settlements, and the institutional actions required to ensure a prosperous, equitable and environmentally sustainable Long Island.

The alternative scenarios were developed using input from a region-wide visioning workshop held in March 2009. These included a Distributed Growth Scenario in which population and jobs would be most dispersed throughout Long Island, a Transit Communities Scenario that concentrated the most growth around rail stations in existing downtowns, and a Growth Centers Scenario that put greater emphasis on developing new centers of population and employment.

Download the Report (PDF 6.8MB)

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