L Train Pain Could Spread to Manhattan

The heavily used line’s capacity would drop by 75%, said Rich Barone, vice president for transportation at the Regional Plan Association, a civic group focused on urban planning….

The Regional Plan Association is expected to propose an express bus service on 14th Street with its own dedicated right of way, Mr. Barone said. That would accompany a shutdown of the L train stops in Manhattan as part of a full tunnel closure aimed at accelerating construction and reducing costs, he said.

Closing down the Manhattan L train stops could offer the MTA a chance to make dramatic improvements at those stations, he said. Construction projects could make those stations easier to navigate, add platform doors or more track space for trains at the Eighth Avenue terminus to increase capacity on the line.

“If the city wants to grow, if the city wants to be competitive, the city needs a world-class subway system,” Mr. Barone said. “Workers and the MTA need access to make these upgrades, and it’s very hard to do that with a 24/7 system.”


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