If Amazon Doesn't Choose N.J., a HQ in Tri-State Area Would Still Help Us

The stars may be aligned. We have new leadership at the Port Authority, an agency that can play an enhanced role. And with the promise of new leadership in Trenton, there may be greater cooperation across the Hudson River. At the same time, we may benefit from a new long-range vision for the region that is coming in November from the Regional Plan Association.  It will focus on achieving shared prosperity, health and livability; resiliency; and good governance -- proposing investments and policies to ensure the region's success for all residents. From the RPA:

"A generation from now, the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan area could be a place that fulfills its promise of equal opportunity; a coastal region that shows the rest of the world how to adapt and prosper in an age of rising seas and temperatures; and a global hub that harnesses its immense resources and innovative talent to make this fast-paced, expensive metropolis an easier, healthier and more affordable place to live and work."

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