Hunts Point, Bronx


RPA Study Demonstrates How New Commuter Rail Service Can Spur Economic Development in Outer Boroughs

Hunts Point is a prime example of how new and existing transit service can be leveraged to develop housing and jobs in inner city areas throughout the region. The pending integration of the region's suburban rail systems will provide commuter rail service in previously un-served areas of New York City and provide opportunities for new stations and economic development in under-served communities. Metro-North service into Penn Station will bring commuter rail service along the Amtrak right-of-way in the East Bronx where no local service currently exists. The prospective Hunts Point station area demonstrates how a new Metro North station well integrated with the existing subway service and the fabric of this neighborhood could accelerate the community's revival, better connect the Hunts Point and Longwood neighborhoods, and provide an impetus for recommendations put forth by several active community organizations. Hunts Point was chosen from the 30 potential station areas that would be served by one of three new projects--Metro North's Penn Station Access, Long Island Rail Road's East Side Access and the Second Avenue Subway. The economic development potential related to transit service in inner-city neighborhoods exemplified in this study demonstrates the vast opportunities for TOD around the hundreds of commuter rail and subway stations throughout the outer boroughs.

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